Animacje postaci reniferów z produkcji Tymbark
Postać smoka z produkcji Tymbark Owoce Świata
Projekty postaci kaktusów dla Tymbark Owoce Świata

Tymbark Owoce Świata

Client: Maspex
Agency: Brainbox
Creation: Brainbox/Plankton
Animation: Plankton

TVN Turbo Nowy Gadżet
Animowane logo Nowy Gadżet TVN
Projekt interfejsu dla TVN Gadżet
Koncepcja schematu do animacji Nowy Gadżet

TVN Turbo Nowy Gadżet

5th season of the Nowy Gadżet.
Design and animation: Plankton

Tymbark Owoce Świata
Końcowa scena reklamy telewizyjnej Tymbark
Animowana postać szczekającego psa

Tymbark Owoce Świata

Agency: Brainbox
Postproduction: Plankton
Music: Gooral


Reklama telewizyjna

TV Advertisement

Comprehensive production of advertising spots for television, cinema and the Internet. The basis is a fresh concept and script focusing on the image, sound and strength of the entire message.

Prezentacja biznesowa

Business Presentation

Corporate videos, promotional, product and branding resolved outside the box. Film productions combined with animation.

Inne twory

Other Creations

Graphic motion design for television and visual identification of institutions and cultural events. Multimedia, Internet activities and much, much more...

Paczka Gryzzali spędzająca czas w kinie
Tarczyński Gryzzale Kino
Animowany Mocu z Gryzzale - animacja 3D
Lasy i łąki Beskidu Sądeckiego
Postać Pikusia w modelu samochodu z Aviva - animacja 3D
Animowana postać do prezentacji Stoperanu
Stoperan Plus
Emocjonalne jajka
Plankton Jajeczny
Animacja 2d klasyków kina dla RMF Classic - reklama kino
RMF Classic
Animacja 3D organizmów wodnych
Animacja 3D hamburgera i sosu Heinz
Animacja samochodu reklamy Hyundai
Hyundai i40
Opakowanie produktu Perlux
Krzysiek u Babci - animacja do internetowej reklamy Erif
ERIF - Pozytywny Krzysiek
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About us

Plankton Małpa

To describe the origins of Plankton, we must go back to our childhood. A group of kids decided to make their first million, drawing custom cartoon characters. But even the businessmen from the communist period were very far from this million... It did not get much better later on, but none of us cared, because unexpectedly the ZX Spectrum and Atari were created. For us it meant a transition from nothingness into something, and that "something" had to be closely examined. The first graphic designs created with these sophisticated machines required from us great determination and imagination. As time went by, other interests appeared in our lives. Some wise ones, the other foolish. In between we decided to form a band. And not just any band – it was a music band! We called it simply: Plankton and we created our own logo. Our good taste in music ensured those days were not wasted, and although the team do no longer play together, we decided to keep the name and advertising material from those days.

We agreed to work only where there was something cool to be found. Having access to computing machines of billion operations per second compensated for gaps in pay. Then we decided to have our own Macs and PCs ... so that we did not have to argue which ones were better.

And at this moment, you can be 100% certain that at least one of us is doing something fascinating.

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